18 inch Hand forged Viking Spear, Carbon Steel Throwing Razor Machete
18 inch Hand forged Viking Spear | Highly Graded Carbon Steel Throwing Razor Sharp Machete knife | Ready To Use | Handmade In NepalThis is 18 inch long handmade hand forged Viking Spear blade. The blade comes razor sharp. The...
10.5 Inch Goddess Saraswati Singing Bowl Mallet
This Goddess Saraswati carving Singing Bowl is hand hammered and beautifully crafted by experts. This meditation bowl can be used for reducing stress, therapies, chakra healing, yoga, etc. Diameter: 10.5 Inches Height: 4.5 inches Weight: Approx. 1.3kg Material: Brass &...
12 inch Rescue Rambo knife, cleaver machete
Envision the perfect hunting experience with this Handmade Carbon Steel Rambo knife. Featuring the highest in quality carbon steel and a beautiful and unique pattern, this custom knife makes for a handsome carbon steel knife! Also equipped with a leather...
15 Inch Handmade Seax knife
* Blade Size and Type: 15 inches Handmade and Unpolished blade. *Handle: 6 Inches full tang White Sadan wood handle. *Material Used: Highly Graded Carbon Steel(car & jeep spring leaf), Rosewood for the handle, Refine buffalo leather for scabbard (Outside),...
Hemp Shoulder Messenger Bag
Height: 8 inches Width: 5 inches Weight: 215 gram Adjustable strap and zipper closure. This mini hemp messenger bag is durable and handmade by experts. This unisex shoulder bag is lightweight and contains 5 compartments.
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