We are located in Haslet, TEXAS. FWOSI was founded in 2021 and we've been delivering a market and possibility for the local merchants to get frontage and come to the limelight. We were also once welcomed at the Premier gun show in Texas, where we had our knives for display and sale.

We are primarily known for our exquisite kukri knives, swords, bags (hemp/cotton) and singing bowls. The products that we deliver are made by the locals who have been honing their craft for ages. The hirelings express their huge appreciation for being able to get a medium like FWOSI.

We think that the culture we provide to the world gives us something back that we Nepalese can be proud of and look back to. Our products are handcrafted by some of the most skilled artists who have been perfecting their craft works for ages. Seeing the locals with such beautiful art and them not getting their work appreciated is what drove us here today. Sharing peacefulness with the world is what we strive for, and this is what we try to deliver.

The raw materials that we use in our products come from deep within the Himalayas. For our kukri knives and swords, we use high-grade carbon steel with a hardness of 5160 pa, everything that we make is always of top quality. The hemp ropes we use in our bag come from the western part of the country, hemp plants are usually located in the Himalayan area of Nepal. Raw fabrics for hemp backpacks are assembled in western Nepal. Bajura, Bajhang, and Rolpa are a few districts where hemp is grown. 

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